Printed Ties

Printed Ties

If you are looking for personalised printed ties in the UK, then James Morton Ties can cater for your every need! We specialise in custom printed ties and cater to a variety of industries. Amongst our customers are Drapers Livery to whom we supplied 200 printed silk ties.

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Free Design Service


Tailor-made tie designs for your company

Customers tend to choose printed ties when a high degree of detail is required for the chosen design as the manufacturing process allows for a crisper finish. This method is therefore seen commonly in silk fashion ties where there may be a high-quality repeat design, or promotional ties where specific imagery or text is desired. As a leading printed ties manufacturer, our ties are created using the method of screen printing, a traditional manufacturing process in which plain fabric is dyed to be a specific colour or set of colours. To do this, undyed fabric is stretched down the length of a printing table onto which screens are fixed and held in place. Dye is then passed through each screen, covering specific areas.  Each different colour uses a different screen and it is therefore vital that the registration between each screen is perfect. Once dyed, the fabric is washed and steamed to ensure the removal of any excess dye. Once the fabric has been heat set so that it doesn’t shrink or crinkle, it can be used to make your bespoke printed ties. Ties are made out of tie blocks from which we can cut out two ties, with each having three components. Each component is individually cut and then sewn together, before being expertly lined and stitched for the perfect finish. Despite sounding like a tricky process, there is actually little difference in cost or production time between dye printed ties and woven ties. For more information about our custom printed ties, or to discuss your needs, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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