Sports Club Ties

custom-sports-club-tiesSports club ties are a popular item for many sports clubs and James Morton has over 35 years of experience designing and creating great sports club ties. They’re made from high quality polyester or silk that reflects the team’s identity and represents the club’s traditions and ambitions.

We supply ties for football clubs, cricket clubs, golf clubs, rugby clubs and many other types of sporting clubs and organisations. A custom made sports club tie is personalised to incorporate the club colours and club logo within a design created by you or by our team of in-house designers.

A professional looking sports club tie is an essential item of apparel that unites your members and demonstrates support for your club.

  • custom-sports-club-tie-rfc

    Rolls Royce RFC

    This is a silk woven tie with the club logo on the bottom of the tie.
  • custom-sports-club-tie-st-barts

    St Barts Lacrosse Club Tie

    This is a horizontal twill tie with crammed satin stripes and the club logo at the bottom of the tie.
  • custom-club-tie-rugby

    Rugby Club Tie

    This is a woven repp weave tie with green and white stripes.
  • custom-club-tie-rowing

    Rowing Club Tie

    This is a silk woven repp tie with crammed satin stripes.