epaulettesEpaulettes are worn mainly in the security industry to customise uniforms. They are made in 100% polyester with an over-locked edge.

Our minimum order is 20 pairs and can be supplied with or without a Velcro fastening. Our standard specification for an epaulette is 100mm x 60mm, although it is possible to customise both the size and the shape if required.

Weaving the fabric rather than embroidering means that a far higher level of definition is achieved.

Example of our Epaulettes

  • Epaulette 1

    Epaulette 1

  • Epaulette 2

    Epaulette 2

  • Epaulette 3

    Epaulette 3

  • Epaulette 4

    Epaulette 4

  • Epaulette 5

    Epaulette 5